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#CoopYouth Programme


Young co-operators

During the Global Conference, the Youth Network Executive Committee is coordinating a suite of cohesive programs created by and for youth (aged 35 and under) in the global co-operative movement. The Executive Committee is the elected leadership body of the Youth Network, which is a structure of the Alliance. The programming will cover a range of topics and be hosted by a variety of groups.

While there will be a diversity of topics and leaders, the Youth Network is seeking to engage participants in a central conversation via these sessions on the role of youth in building the co-operative movement - specifically through the employment of information technology tools as entrepreneurs, workers and consumers. The following is a brief summary of the planned events:

#CoopYouth Gathering & Orientation

Tuesday, 14 November from 9h00 to 12h00
The Youth Network will gather all #coopyouth present to engage in longform introductions to get to know one another, participate in warm-up games and move through an overview of all the youth programming scheduled for the week. Additionally, youth not yet members of the Network will be signed up to join, and volunteers will be solicited to support some of the ongoing programming efforts. To close, we will engage in a peer-to-peer training on how to network and engage in conference settings, in order to equip one another to participate fully in the week of youth-specific and intergenerational activities.

Youth Network Assembly

Tuesday, 14 November from 13h30-16h00
The Youth Network will lead an informative session on its activities over the past two years, as well as lead a business meeting of the Network. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with an ongoing process to finalise a #CoopYouth Manifesto that has grown out of several youth statements issued at co-operative events over the last five years, as well as with the Youth Network’s Strategic Plan.

Young Co-operators on the move: #CoopYouth are IT!

Wednesday, 15 November from 11h00 to 12h30
Using a participatory assembly format, the Youth Network will engage participants in exploring how youth can contribute to fostering a “Co-operative Spring” through the use of information technology tools (e.g. social media). Of particular note will be the concept of “co-operative IT,” which shares some similarity with Free/Libre and Open Source Software value systems. Finally, we are especially interested to explore ways in which we can pursue IT to these ends as entrepreneurs, which will prepare us to engage more fully in the 'Young Co-operators on the move: The future of work is ours!' session later in the day.

Young Co-operators on the move: The future of work is ours!

Wednesday, 15 November from 14h00 to 17h00
Under the WE OWN IT! Campaign, CICOPA, together with the Global Youth Network, will animate an open and engaging debate among young (and not so young) co-operators from all around the globe. What are the obstacles and opportunities young people encounter when creating a #cooperative workplace? How to reach young people to bring them into the co-op movement? Which key-messages, tools and initiatives can convince them that co-ops are a valuable option? What can the co-op movement do to assure a good transition to the next generation? These will be some of the questions at the centre of the table. It will also be an opportunity to spread some results of a CICOPA’s study on youth entrepreneurship in worker co-operatives, social co-operatives, producers’/freelancers’ co-operatives that will be released by the end of 2017. Join the event, the future is yours!

Youth Call to Action

Thursday, 16 November during the Opening Plenary from 9h00 to 10h00
The Youth Network will introduce themselves and their activities. They will then show a video produced with youth from around the world presenting a Call to Action for the movement (the video will be produced in September, so let us know if you want to take part by reading part of the call to action for the video!). Youth will also tell inspiring innovative stories about how they are using co-ops to solve the big issues facing the world.

Housing the Co-op – Workshop Session with and for Young Leaders

Thursday, 16 November from 13h30 to 15h00
The workshop will provide a platform for young leaders from diverse regions of the world to present and discuss best practices that foreground innovative forms of social and spatial constellations through housing co-operatives. Drawing on the presented case studies, the workshop’s goal is to learn from organisational models that can promote affordable, innovative and context-specific co-operative housing production, as well as to identify potentials of transferring and scaling such ideas across cultural and regional contexts.

If you would like to learn more or participate, click here!

Youth Network Executive Committee Meetings

Monday, 13 November after lunch, Tuesday, 14 November after the Youth Network Assembly, and at other times during the week as necessary
The Executive Committee of the Youth Network will meet to plan, digest and distil the work of the past week, as well as deal with any outstanding items of business. All Youth Network members are welcome to join the Executive Committee meeting, though are not eligible to vote in its proceedings, if a vote were to be taken.

Events Organised by the Asia-Pacific Youth Network

10th Annual Meeting of the ICYC

Sunday, 12 November from 14h00 to 17h30 
The regional youth committee or the ICYC has a constitutional mandate to organize annual meetings with its members. This year, the meeting will be organised around the ICA General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This year, the committee will elect its new office bearers – chair and two vice-chairs.

Global Workshop on University/Campus Co-operatives

Monday, 13 November from 8h30 to 18h00

The ICA Asia and Pacific Committee on University/Campus Cooperatives traditionally organises thematic workshops every second year. This year, the committee will organize a workshop on the sidelines of #Malaysia2017 in collaboration with the ICA-EU Partnership on Cooperatives in Development #Coops4Dev. The thematic area of the workshop is the sustainable Development Goals and the role of student led cooperatives and, the role participation (Bye-law making) plays in it. There will also be a study visit to the local Co-operative College of Malaysia.


For more information on the youth programming scheduled for Malaysia or if you want to get involved, please contact Gretchen Hacquard, Youth Network Coordinator, at